Our family has decided to embark on an adventure that combines our fascination with the painted rock movement with our love for all things Disney. We have set 10 Disney-themed painted rocks on a road trip to the happiest place on earth. They will all start from different locations around the United States (and internationally soon) and make their way to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
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WDW1 Maegan’s Rock


Grand Prairie, Texas


November 1, 2021


Get a picture of me with a Mickey Bar!


While most of our rocks are designated only by number and description, WDW1 is dedicated to a young woman named Maegan. She is a special needs, thirty-seven year old woman who is suffering from a particularly insidious form of epilepsy. Please say hello to her when you post something on our website or on social media.

Thank you!
(Hi Maegan!)

  • Michelle Davidson
    Posted at 00:53h, 05 November

    No Mickey’s Not So Scary this year- I guess The rock can join the Fall fest at City Chapel Church.

    Austin TX

  • RTTM Admin
    Posted at 17:08h, 20 October

    Packed and ready to roll!

  • RTTM Admin
    Posted at 22:11h, 14 October

    Welcome to Rocking to the Magic! If you’re here, then odds are you found one of our rocks… Awesome! We are tracking them on their journey across the US to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Leave a comment and a pic to let us know where you found it. No need to give any overly-specific details (unless it was at a super cool location, of course) Just the city name or location name will do. After you’ve taken it as far towards WDW as you can, simply re-hide the rock so it can continue the journey! Thanks for joining our road trip!

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