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Our family has decided to embark on an adventure that combines our fascination with the painted rock movement with our love for all things Disney. We have set 10 Disney-themed painted rocks on a road trip to the happiest place on earth. They will all start from different locations around the United States (and internationally soon) and make their way to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Painted rocks, road trip, Disney World, Magic
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Author: RTTM Admin

WDW2 I Need Floaties STARTING LOCATION: Hawaii START DATE: October 24th, 2021 MY GOAL: Get a picture of me at a swimming pool. But remember, I'll need floaties if I get in the water! ...

WDW1 Maegan's Rock STARTING LOCATION: Grand Prairie, Texas START DATE: November 1, 2021 MY GOAL: Get a picture of me with a Mickey Bar! SPECIAL NOTE: While most of our rocks are designated only by number and description, WDW1 is dedicated to a young woman named Maegan. She is...