Frequently Asked Questions
Our family has decided to embark on an adventure that combines our fascination with the painted rock movement with our love for all things Disney. We have set 10 Disney-themed painted rocks on a road trip to the happiest place on earth. They will all start from different locations around the United States (and internationally soon) and make their way to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Painted rocks, road trip, Disney World, Magic
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These rocks are cool! Can I keep one if I find it?

Please don’t. Remember, if you love something let it go! It will continue on it’s journey.

What if I pick up a rock that is already close to Disney World, but I’m traveling in the opposite direction?

Feel free leave it for someone else to pick up or take it with you. After all, this is a road trip!

I found one of your rocks and I’m going to WDW in six months. Can I keep it until then?

We want all of our rocks to make it to WDW, but they love to travel. Please let it go. 

I have family in another state and they want to play. Can I mail the rock to them?

Absolutely! They don’t get air sick.

What if someone hides a rock that is never found?

If we don’t hear anything about a rock for 60 days, we will archive the posts and replace the rock.

Can I hide a rock IN Walt Disney World?

Disney does not allow any rock hiding on their property. You can, however, show the rock a good time and take plenty of pics of it around the parks! Just take it home with you so it can begin its journey again! 

We are on an extended road trip that will eventually take us to Disney World. Can we post pictures from different places on the way?

Please do! None of our rocks are camera shy. 

Can we take a rock on a Disney Cruise?

Absolutely! Our rocks would LOVE to have their picture taken on the beach at Castaway Cay! But please keep them away from the water because they don’t know how to swim.